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What To Do About Your Upcoming Commercial Video Shoot During The Coronavirus Pandemic

If you had an upcoming video production shoot schedule, you likely need to think twice about it due to everything going on in the world with the coronavirus. Here are some tips about what you can do moving forward so that you still end up with a video for your business.

Reschedule For A Future Date

Many commercial video production companies are going to be shut down during these next few weeks while the country sorts things out and shelters at home. However, there will come a day where things are back to normal and businesses start ramping up again. It is a good idea to not pull out of your project entirely. Work closely with your video production company on rescheduling the work for a future date. 

It can be difficult to reschedule your commercial shoot for the future when the date is uncertain, but it may be your only option if you do not want to change anything about the video you want to make. All of those crew members are going to be in need of work and will likely be willing to get moving with production at the first sign that it is okay. If you pull out entirely from the project, you may have difficulty getting back on the schedule when everyone is trying to reschedule their video production jobs at the same time.

Alter The Video

It is worth taking a look at how the script you want to create can be altered to work within these uncertain times. Look at the live-action elements that require a shoot with cameras and crew and think about how those can be changed to work with animation instead. The post-production ends of these video production companies are still in full effect during the coronavirus pandemic, which includes producers, animators, and editors. 

For example, you can replace any live-action elements with animation for now, which can give you a finished video that is ready sooner rather than later. You can then shoot those live-action elements at a later date and swap them out in the video. This will give you a head start on your video by giving you a finished product that will work now, but still deliver the finished product you had in mind.

Work closely with a commercial video production company to discover ways that you can still move forward with your video creation needs.